AJ s1e01: Brand New Mic

Behold: the launch of Almost a Joke comedy podcast!

In this first episode, Andrew & Harrison face the strange question of why people run away and then run back to you when presented with card magic, what a study of Beatboxology can get you, and the real story of the “Making” Steven Spielburg. (And much more.)

And, as a bonus in the introduction to the episode, we give you some tantalizing samples of what’s to come in later episodes. (And in case you were curious, s1e01 means this is season 1: episode 1.)

Also, we forgot to mention in this episode that the character of Karl Van Hœt (known to lesser keyboards as “Van Hoet”) was invented by @hotdogsladies on twitter, so we’re mentioning it here. (Basically, Merlin is hilarious, and we love him. And Merlin, if you ever see this, we hope you enjoy our tribute to your awesome character. And we get better. This is only the 1st episode, after all.)

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