AJ s1e03: I’m Gonna Steal India

In the third wacky episode of AJ, we really get to the heart of the pressing issues of our day, (with hilarious results) such as:

  • Why gambling video games (like Monkey Money HD) are a waste
  • Why saying “So” can be be a dick move
  • Harrison’s plot to steal India
  • Why Scuttling is Important (and what it is)
  • How Karl Van Hœt made his millions
  • And what REALLY happens when you play a country song backwards

The last half of this one probably has the best pacing of anything we’ve released yet, but let us know what you think.

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1 thought on “AJ s1e03: I’m Gonna Steal India

  1. It took me a bit a few listens to get comfortable with the format… but now that I am, this really couldn’t be better.

    Looking forward to much more!!!!

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