AJ s1e30: Ninety-Seven Exclamation Marks

For this especially fine-tuned release, we discuss:

  • Why skydiving and sex don’t mix well
  • Tantalizing Clips from the Unaired Season 8 of Star Trek: Next Generation
  • The difference between The Skin Tights & The Bag People
  • How Pens are like Air — and yet also Alive
  • The best way to advertise
  • !!!-!!!-!!!!!!
  • Andrew speaks Parseltongue (kinda)
  • What to wear to become a walking, talking, photographing popsicle
  • A VERY disturbing rendition of Jackson’s “Thriller”
  • And a very “Lebowski” ending


We’re experimenting with using an EQ on the show to make it a smoother listen. So if it sounds better, that’s probably why. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who continues to spread the word about the show, and Like & Retweet about us on the networks!

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