AJ s1e31: The Elephant in their Dreams

For this especially bizarre, Blade-Runner-tastic release, we discuss:

  • The Hidden Truth about most podcasters (except Scott Simpson)
  • The Problem with “The Santa Claus”
  • Which one of us isn’t popular with YOUR imaginary friend
  • Why we have Alternating Current (Hint: Tesla)
  • Our Mission of STOPPING the Crushing of Dreams™
  • Harrison’s reaction to seeing Blade Runner (For the 1st time?!)
  • How Willie & Steven Spielberg became girlfriend & girlfriend

We’re still experimenting with the EQ settings to make it a smoother listen. Feel free to let us know in the comments if you notice a difference. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who continues to spread the word about the show, and Like & Retweet about us on the networks. How’s about we go steady? 😉

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