AJ s1e32: Shot Through the Internet

We’re back! And with the longest episode in a long while. Coming in at 31:51, we’ve got some classically hilarious stories for you guys, including:

  • How you can steal an old man’s chess victory & ruin his afternoon
  • Harrison gets sucked into the “text video”… again.
  • The Saddest Thing that’s Ever been on the show
  • A Terrible Prank-Call in which we assume 1920s identities
  • The REAL reason Andrew hums the worst song in the world
  • The time a cop inspected Andrew’s iPod in Idaho
  • How impossible it would be to photograph a credit card in motion
  • Why Hitchhiking used to be so easy
  • The time a State Trooper was totally awesome
  • The origin of our slogan “We Keep the Funny Bits” (which we invented)
  • Harrison finally admits he fell in love with a blonde girl
  • What’s inside of each star in the M83 galaxy (Hint: a man on fire)

A huge thanks to everyone who continues to spread the word about the show, and Like & Retweet about us on the networks. Much more to come.

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