AJ s1e33: When Toys used to be Good

Wow. Been a while!

Rest assured that we are still alive, and we actually redesigned the site in the meantime! What do you think? Until we get sponsors, other projects take precedent, but we’re really excited to share episode 33 with you today. This one took an especially long time to edit down to the best stories, including:

  • How to use Magic to get over a phobia
  • The most heart-attack-inducing trick yet
  • The quandary of the question “Is that all?”
  • A one-minute summary of what it is to be a writer
  • An Ode to White Russians and The Dude (sort of)
  • The challenges of the “Spanish-mode” in toys
  • What it would be like to be on the 5by5 network
  • What a Merlin Mann doll might be like (Hint: real human hair)
  • How nanobot technology is necessary for a Roderick doll
  • Also, San Francisco bars are DONE hearing about Google Analytics

A huge thanks to everyone who continues to spread the word about the show, and Like & Retweet about us on the networks. We have a huge backlog of shows to edit that we can’t WAIT to share with you. And this time, you won’t have to wait 4 months for the next episode.

Feel free to Say “Hi” on our Facebook page, and as always, Share & Enjoy!

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