AJSP 2: The Best Angles of My Stuff

Another special!

Once again, these specials are only minimally edited. Running longer than typical episodes, these specials should tide you over until the next “normal” episode is released.


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  • Breaking: Volcanic Lightning in Chile
  • In the future: Fusion Reactors & all roads will be solar panels
  • Ryan (aka. Harrison) gets on TV!
  • Why they called it “pod-casting”
  • Why Ryan hasn’t told his subscribers about this show yet
  • How a Podcast is a filter to bring better business
  • A (Real?) Ghost Story [An ironic Lord Huron story]
  • Magicman’s relationship with Fortune Tellers
  • The 4.5 Billion Dollar Super-Yacht (everything gold & platnum)
  • What Ryan would do if he were rich
  • Fred Armisen’s new magician transportation service
  • Seinfeld’s 497 cars
  • The real way to make money: Franchised Airports
  • Bill Gates beats Carlos Slim Helú in the richest man category
  • Desalinization devices in India
  • What happens when you go all over the world & leave stuff

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