AJSP 3: I’m Gonna Save the Check

Our 3rd special!

Wow. In this special Ryan (aka. Harrison) shares what is easily the weirdest story that’s ever been told on this show. And that’s saying something.


  • How Vitamin Water will only take us to Caffeine Water
  • Ryan brings up Andrew’s upcoming novel “The Island on the Edge of Forever”
  • Ryan is on a local TV channel & unconsciously does Fred Armisen
  • Andrew was accosted in a store by an eccentric woman with thick eyeliner
  • How to deal with people who fear-monger at grocery stores
  • What happened after someone wrote Ryan a $15,000 check
  • The story of Allen, who believes he got a Trillion Dollar loan & wants to buy everything
  • What happens when Lawyer Foghorn J. Leghorn takes on the Allen Case
  • Why we have the word “Crazies”
  • We are Caring Podcasters
  • Why you shouldn’t feel bad about being confused

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