AJSP 4: Fifteen Thousand Dollars

Special 4. The lucky one.

Clarification on something mentioned: I meant to say that Brian Regan is the most popular comedian who’s never had his own TV show. He obviously already has a show, his fantastic live show, because I saw it.

Anyway, without further ado:


  • Andrew sees Brian Regan in concert (SO good.)
  • Other people’s MANSIONS
  • Seeing people from a new angle by doing a show with them
  • How to realize you had a better voice than you thought
  • Yelling at our assistant Grace
  • Mike Beasterfeld interviewed Andrew (BKAJ #37)
  • Pick a number between 1 & 50
  • Finally, a picture of the $1 million check (below)
  • What to do with an invalid $1 million check? Frame it.
  • Followup on the “Talk of the Town” TV appearance
  • Andrew’s upcoming guest appearance on the TWIK show

And of course, a photo of the real $1,000,000 cheque:

The million dollar check

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