AJSP 6: Only There for 45 minutes

Special 6. Never take a bite out of a glass.


  • How iTunes ratings really help (Enjoy the show? Rating this show on iTunes takes just a few seconds and really helps. Rate AAJ →)
  • How Coffee & Cider show reminds Andrew of AAJ
  • Ryan’s “ED” Spam
  • The Don Rickles Incident
  • Metaphysical Hipster glasses (for digestion)
  • Take a bite out of sugar glass
  • What happens why you lie to David Blaine
  • Andrew did a guest podcast about the Chintamani Stones
  • Andrew’s award-nominated novel, “The Truth Beyond the Sky”, is now $1.99 on Kindle, iBooks, and Nook!
  • And the new dating website “Flick & Click”


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