AJSP 7: A Tablespoon of Honey

Special 7. This time, we break the 5th wall. Also, Ryan finally got a pop filter.


  • Ryan finally got a pop filter!
  • The animated GIF bug avatar that we all hate
  • Van Hœt’s creepy breathing
  • Giving yourself permission to say what you want
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  • The Eight-legged Giraffe, Snakes That Fly, & Betta Fish
  • Is honey pure energy?
  • Ryan’s plan to pull a deck out of his pants. Is it harassment?
  • The Execrable Reality of Fax Machines
  • Andrew’s Prediction: Phone numbers? Gone by 2050.
  • [NOT sponsored by Linda.com]
  • The time Ryan loaned a woman $45 bucks (& why he’ll never see it again)
  • Ryan’s friend named Nook, wait wait, Kindle. I meant Kindle.
  • Ryan is getting a NEW CAR and wants Andrew’s opinion
  • Lastly, this show was NOT sponsored by Squarespace.

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