AJSP 8: In the Garden of Your Mind

Almost a Joke Mr. Rogers logoSpecial 8 — the garden of your MIND.

8/19 note: Re-edited for better pacing so we get RIGHT to the good stuff.


  • “Sundays in a Row”
  • The BEST remix song ever: “The Garden of Your Mind” by MelodySheep
  • Carl Sagan’s billions & billions
  • Also, in how many movies is an Asian Woman the hero?
  • Ryan’s surgery on a found watch
  • Self-braking cars & going back to Model-Ts
  • The dinosaur sex scene in Jurassic Park
  • A new Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Edit (See SW Wikia & Back to Work #57)
  • Darth Maul as a woman

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